Recipe Attempt: Spicy Veggie Soup

On a cold unseasonably warm Minnesota winter day nothing hits the spot like a piping hot bowl of soup!   Tonight I attempted Spicy Vegetable Soup via NutriNosh.

I wanted to try this soup the second I saw it for a few reasons.  The top 3 being:  it’s low in points (1 PP+ per cup), it’s made from all power foods (perfect for the days I attempt the Simply Filling Technique), and it looks delicious!

The only variations I made were no yellow squash (our grocery store didn’t have any :\) and no spinach.

I snuck a taste of a veggie here and there.  I could eat this as a side.  A very spicy side.  The house smelled amazing with those veggies sauteing on the stove!

The final product.  It would have been more colorful if I would have added the yellow squash and spinach, but this color palette will do.  This is definitely going to be a go-to recipe for point friendly soup!

Leftovers are chilling in the freezer as I type.


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