Weigh In 01.23.12

  • Last weeks WI 161.2
  • Today’s WI 161.6 (+.4)
  • Total Loss 27.4 Pounds

I’m not going to invest too much time and/or energy into being upset over this .4 pound gain.  First of all my last weigh in was somewhat unofficial since I didn’t do it at my usual meeting place, and it was on a completely different scale.  Yes, either way I look at it, it was a gain.  But I am going to look at it as loosing .8 pounds in the last two weeks.

I didn’t get to do any days of simply filling last week.  This week I am going to make it to at least 2.  I also need to get in way more Power Foods and GHG.

I earned 34 activity points and ran 14.62 miles.  Not as good as last week but still very proud of myself.  Was unable to make it to the gym today due to WW meeting and our board meeting at work, but tomorrow is a new day!  Running really does work and I need to remind myself of that.


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