Pinspiration: Plastic Bag “Dispenser”

I found this idea for a plastic bag dispenser on Pinterest – it originally came from tatertotsandjello.com.   On Tater Tots and Jello they take it two steps farther and put the bag roll into a wipe dispenser and decorate the packaging with fun, colorful fabric.

For what I wanted to use this idea for, I decided I didn’t need the fancy packaging.  My idea is to make a few rolls and drop them in each of the small waste baskets I have in the bathroom and upstairs.  They’ll hide under the waste basket liner that is currently in use.  Then, when I take out the trash, I’ll have my roll handy!

So I ended up turning this:

into this:

in a matter of 5 minutes!  For project instructions click here.

Not the fanciest Pinterest project, but definitely quick, handy, and practical!

Happy Anniversary!

Yep this is what I stuffed my face with last night.  I’m not even a steak person but this place has the best to-die-for steak!  Marky took me to George’s in New Ulm last night and I think it’s my new favorite place to eat.

4 years ago on January 18th I met my Marky at the “get to know the wedding party” party, and at the time I knew I was in it for the long run!   In 8 months we will be saying “I do” and I couldn’t be any happier.