Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys.  My favorite Saturday and/or Sunday food group.  The ultimate “I want a drink before noon – and I can justify it because it’s the weekend” drink.



I spent the Chamber Bucks I received as a Christmas gift from my board of supervisors on some delicious local wine from the municipal liquor store!  That’s keeping the money in our community x3!

NOVA Semi-Sweet Red Table Wine – Morgan Creek Vineyards, New Ulm, MN
The Wine-ing Farmer Semi-Sweet Red Wine – Fieldstone Vineyards, Redwood Falls, MN
Morgan Creek Myst Sweet White Table Wine – Morgan Creek Vineyards, New Ulm, MN

I’ve already tried NOVA – it’s my all time favorite wine so I’m going to save this bottle for a special occasion.  And tonight I’ve enjoyed 2 small glasses of The Wine-ing Farmer diluted with water while reading a new book.