Recipe Attempt: Baked Chicken & Veggie Packets

Yet another gem from the Weight Watchers Power Foods Cook Book (P. 108).  This isn’t the actual title of the recipe… I don’t have the cook book with me right now so I will update it when I get home.

Being a clueless cook I am absolutely terrified of cooking chicken.  In fact, a couple weeks ago I tried a panko crusted chicken recipe in the frying pan and it ended in an absolute disaster.  So when I looked over this recipe I was a little bit intimidated but it sounded delicious and I was anxious to try a new technique – baking in foil packets.

I altered the recipe a little bit by using tomatoes, green peppers, and onions instead of tomatoes and zucchini.  I placed one chicken breast in each of the packets and divided the veggies evenly between the 4 of them.  I was a little concerned letting them bake for 35 minutes and not being able to look at them until they were done and the packet was opened.  The result:

This was as amazing in my mouth as it is in the picture.  Even the fiance loved it!

This dish also made great leftovers for work the next day.  Next time I think I will even make a few extras just to bring to work.  I was pretty impressed with this simple dish.  It made me feel like a good cook (for a day).


Quinoa Mac N’ Cheese + Zucchini, Turkey, Quinoa Loaf

I have been really meaning to incorporate quinoa into dishes.  It’s very easy to use, it has a great flavor and an interesting texture.  Plus it’s a whole grain and a WW Power Food.  So, to me this was a no brainer.  This past week quinoa was the star ingredient in 2 dinners.

Quonia Mac N Cheese

This recipe for Quinoa Mac N’ Cheese came from  It was very quick and easy to prepare.  I altered it a little bit and used half low fat mozzarella cheese and half sharp cheddar cheese.  I also topped it with a mixture of 1 part panko crumbs and 1 part low fat mozzarella.  It looked just like the picture after it was plated:

I served it with pineapple and watermelon just because that’s what we had on hand.  It was delicious… it tasted like an omelet crossed with mac N cheese with quinoa in the mix.  I served it as a main dish but it would have been great as a side with a slab of meat (maybe a pork chop) or with crumbled turkey breast, chicken breast, or lean ground beef mixed in.   If I make this again I will try to bulk it up with even more veggies.

Now, on to the next…

Turkey, Zucchini, and Quinoa Meatloaves

This gem came from the Weight Watchers Points Plus Power Foods Cookbook (p.138).  I’m not going to copy the recipe onto the blog but it’s a basic meatloaf made with lean ground turkey breast, shredded zucchini, and cooked quinoa.  I shaped them into 8 mini-loaves and… they came out AMAZING!

I served them with roasted cauliflower and a spinach salad.  They made awesome leftovers for work lunch and I cannot wait to make them again!

Pork for Supper!

Last night for supper:

Grilled pork, pasta with a low fat cream sauce, roasted cauliflower with olive oil, and fresh kiwi.

This meal was so filling and done without the pasta would have been a SFT meal!  I tried the Roasted Cauliflower with Parmesan recipe from and it turned out great.  I modified it a little by leaving out the Parmesan (to save on points) and adding in a little bit of garlic powder.  I need to remind myself how good it feels to make a home cooked meal and try a new recipe every once in a while!

Blood Orange

I find it so easy to eat fruit and veggies at work!  Blood Oranges are in season right now… and they are amazing!  Don’t they make a pretty picture?  Definitely going to be picking more up after the gym today.

Simply Filling for a Day

I am trying the Simply Filling Technique today.  I’ve tried this with much success over the past 2 weeks so I’m going to try to incorporate it into my regular diet one – three times per week.   It seems like it’s especially easy for me on my work days.

So what’s for lunch?  Leftover Spicy Veggie Soup (which I froze in to single servings), a hard boiled egg, an apple, and some fat free cottage cheese.  I was absolutely stuffed after eating the soup, cottage cheese, and egg so I’m saving the apple for and after-the-gym snack.

And for the rest of the day:

  • Breakfast:  coffee, banana, egg
  • Snack: FiberOne cereal (dry)
  • Lunch: see above
  • Snack: natural apple sauce and/or apple and/or celery/green peppers with FF ranch
  • Dinner: chicken breast, possibly with whole wheat angel hair and/or sauteed or raw veggies


Tupperware is my best friend.

It makes consuming veggies (and fruit) easier!  I usually bring 3-4 Tupperwares full of food and snacks to work on any given day.

Pre-packaging food in Tupperware (and sandwich bags) is one of the keys to my healthy eating success.

Recipe Attempt: Spicy Veggie Soup

On a cold unseasonably warm Minnesota winter day nothing hits the spot like a piping hot bowl of soup!   Tonight I attempted Spicy Vegetable Soup via NutriNosh.

I wanted to try this soup the second I saw it for a few reasons.  The top 3 being:  it’s low in points (1 PP+ per cup), it’s made from all power foods (perfect for the days I attempt the Simply Filling Technique), and it looks delicious!

The only variations I made were no yellow squash (our grocery store didn’t have any :\) and no spinach.

I snuck a taste of a veggie here and there.  I could eat this as a side.  A very spicy side.  The house smelled amazing with those veggies sauteing on the stove!

The final product.  It would have been more colorful if I would have added the yellow squash and spinach, but this color palette will do.  This is definitely going to be a go-to recipe for point friendly soup!

Leftovers are chilling in the freezer as I type.

Weigh In 12.26.11

  • Last weeks WI 167.8
  • Todays WI 164.4 (-3.4)
  • Total Loss 24.6 Pounds

This puts me only .4 pounds away from my 164 pound January 3rd “Holiday Back On Track” goal – which will also be my 25 pound milestone!

I knew all of my hard work this past week over the holidays was going to pay off but I never imagined it would be to this extent.   So to what do I owe these 3.4 pounds?  It’s definitely a combination of a few things:

  • trying Simply Filling Technique 3 days last week.
  • eating a lot of power foods on the days I wasn’t doing Simply Filling.
  • amping up my work-outs and continuing with the C25K program – I earned 25 APs last week!
  • controlling myself over the holidays.  I did not tack on Christmas eve or Christmas day but I didn’t let myself get carried away.  I didn’t use not tracking as a free ticket to stuff myself with sugar and fat over the holidays.
  • getting all of those baked goods out of my house and out of my sight!  They are definitely a recipe for disaster and I need to remember this for the next holiday season.
  • the gain over these last 2 weeks may have been (but definitely not entirely) due to poor food choices on my weigh in days – for each day I had HUGE lunches high in sodium.  So this week’s weigh in might have looked extra nice after those two gains.