Weigh In 01.30.12

  • Last weeks WI 161.6
  • Today’s WI 160.2 (-1.2)
  • Total Loss 28.6 Pounds

My 15% milestone/goal has been hit!  Indulged more than I should have over the weekend but it seems that my running is really paying off.  Not to mention I haven’t been eating my weekly points so I was probably ok to go a little crazy over the weekend.

So close to 30 pounds, I can feel it!


Weigh In 01.23.12

  • Last weeks WI 161.2
  • Today’s WI 161.6 (+.4)
  • Total Loss 27.4 Pounds

I’m not going to invest too much time and/or energy into being upset over this .4 pound gain.  First of all my last weigh in was somewhat unofficial since I didn’t do it at my usual meeting place, and it was on a completely different scale.  Yes, either way I look at it, it was a gain.  But I am going to look at it as loosing .8 pounds in the last two weeks.

I didn’t get to do any days of simply filling last week.  This week I am going to make it to at least 2.  I also need to get in way more Power Foods and GHG.

I earned 34 activity points and ran 14.62 miles.  Not as good as last week but still very proud of myself.  Was unable to make it to the gym today due to WW meeting and our board meeting at work, but tomorrow is a new day!  Running really does work and I need to remind myself of that.

Weigh In 01.16.12

  • Last weeks WI 162.4
  • Today’s WI 161.2 (-1.2)
  • Total Loss 27.8 Pounds

Running is still paying off!  This week I’m not too proud of my tracking habits or my food choices but I am still very proud of my running!   I squeezed in one day of Simply Filling last week but this week I’d like to shoot for at least 2.  In future weeks I’d like to shoot for 3!

I earned 38 activity points and ran 17.75 miles.  Not as good as last week but still hanging in there.  My new work schedule is definitely effecting my work out schedule.  I can’t let that happen!  Another week of no excuses ahead.

Weigh In 01.09.12

  • Last weeks WI 163.4
  • Today’s WI 162.4 (-1.0)
  • Total Loss 26.6 Pounds
Another week and another pound is gone!  I was a little bit worried after indulging probably way more than I should have over the weekend.  But it looks like all of my hard work staying on-plan and working out last week has paid off.
I earned 40 activity points and ran 20.72 miles.  I have no excuse to not keep this up again this week.  Hoping for another loss next Monday!

Weigh In 01.02.12

  • Last weeks WI 164.4
  • Today’s WI 163.4 (-1.0)
  • Total Loss 25.6 Pounds
I reached my 25 pound goal/milestone at WI tonight!  I had set the goal of 25 pounds by my January 2nd weigh in way back before Thanksgiving.  And I just barely made it with .6 pounds to spare.  I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t gain over the holiday season!  Well, I did have 2 small gains but over all I ended up losing.
A huge factor in this weeks loss is definitely my running.   I earned a whopping 52 activity points and ran 25.93 miles.  I’m going to keep it up and hope for another pound next week!

Weigh In 12.26.11

  • Last weeks WI 167.8
  • Todays WI 164.4 (-3.4)
  • Total Loss 24.6 Pounds

This puts me only .4 pounds away from my 164 pound January 3rd “Holiday Back On Track” goal – which will also be my 25 pound milestone!

I knew all of my hard work this past week over the holidays was going to pay off but I never imagined it would be to this extent.   So to what do I owe these 3.4 pounds?  It’s definitely a combination of a few things:

  • trying Simply Filling Technique 3 days last week.
  • eating a lot of power foods on the days I wasn’t doing Simply Filling.
  • amping up my work-outs and continuing with the C25K program – I earned 25 APs last week!
  • controlling myself over the holidays.  I did not tack on Christmas eve or Christmas day but I didn’t let myself get carried away.  I didn’t use not tracking as a free ticket to stuff myself with sugar and fat over the holidays.
  • getting all of those baked goods out of my house and out of my sight!  They are definitely a recipe for disaster and I need to remember this for the next holiday season.
  • the gain over these last 2 weeks may have been (but definitely not entirely) due to poor food choices on my weigh in days – for each day I had HUGE lunches high in sodium.  So this week’s weigh in might have looked extra nice after those two gains.