Tupperware is my best friend.

It makes consuming veggies (and fruit) easier!  I usually bring 3-4 Tupperwares full of food and snacks to work on any given day.

Pre-packaging food in Tupperware (and sandwich bags) is one of the keys to my healthy eating success.


Pinspiration: Freezing Soup

I found this idea for freezing leftover soup in silicone muffin liners on Pinterest – it originally came from themommyincharge.com.  The idea is to freeze it in single servings and wrap it in plastic for later consumption.  Perfect to just pop in a mug and re-heat!

I was very excited on Christmas night when I unwrapped a gift from my future in-laws containing a 17-piece silicone baking set, which included 12 silicone muffin liners.  The very first thing I thought to use them for was freezing soup!

I made Spicy Veggie Soup last night and thought this was the perfect opportunity to use my muffin liners.

Each muffin liner holds 1/2 cup.  I’m finding pre-measuring items into single servings is one of the best ways to set my self up for food consumption success.

Once they were frozen I just put each one in a sandwich bag and tied it shut with a twist tie.  Back in the freezer they go.  Easy meal – ready to go!