Bow Tie Pasta Salad

1/2 C bow tie pasta – cooked, rinsed, cooled
1 1/2 C lettuce
1/2 of a large tomato
1/2 of a cucumber
1/3 C scallions
2T parmasean cheese

SO FILLING!  I might have a new favorite… and the best part?  160 total calories!  I didn’t use any dressing because the juices from the cucumber and tomato coated the pasta well.


Blood Orange

I find it so easy to eat fruit and veggies at work!  Blood Oranges are in season right now… and they are amazing!  Don’t they make a pretty picture?  Definitely going to be picking more up after the gym today.

Simply Filling for a Day

I am trying the Simply Filling Technique today.  I’ve tried this with much success over the past 2 weeks so I’m going to try to incorporate it into my regular diet one – three times per week.   It seems like it’s especially easy for me on my work days.

So what’s for lunch?  Leftover Spicy Veggie Soup (which I froze in to single servings), a hard boiled egg, an apple, and some fat free cottage cheese.  I was absolutely stuffed after eating the soup, cottage cheese, and egg so I’m saving the apple for and after-the-gym snack.

And for the rest of the day:

  • Breakfast:  coffee, banana, egg
  • Snack: FiberOne cereal (dry)
  • Lunch: see above
  • Snack: natural apple sauce and/or apple and/or celery/green peppers with FF ranch
  • Dinner: chicken breast, possibly with whole wheat angel hair and/or sauteed or raw veggies